Lina H Hanna

Lina H Hanna

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The luscious Forbidden Fruit

We are all familiar with the saying” The forbidden fruit is the sweetest” but did we ever stop to think of what the panoramic meaning of this saying can explicit? What is this irresistible taste that summons the sinner in us to come to the surface of the saint we so want to be? Is it sweet because it is forbidden or is it bitter even if it is sweet when it is permitted? Why is the prohibited so attractive and mouth watering? Why we are always tempted to have what is not ours? Do we want it because we want it? Or do we want it because we can’t have it? Are we innocent from yearning to that taste than can cast us away from our paradise or are just guilty as charged?

The human psyche works in a reversed way, it needs to be provoked, to be summoned to the impossible in order to be stimulated enough to savor the sweet sugary taste of what is banned and illegal. Once it attains the unattainable it loses interest and the ever luring plea suddenly is silenced and once fed the appetite dies and search for a new birth in a new continent of delicious desires and fantasies.

We like to be challenged, to feel we exist more when we defy and conquer; it is like a confirmation of the self and its wicked ways that need to be nourished constantly!

We have the urge to play the temptation and seduction game, we fancy danger, we crave the hazard winds to blow us away from our conscious image of the coherent self that is censured with the laws and morals of the good and bad!

But why does sin and malice appear so enticing to us? Why do we enjoy standing on the balconies of our dark side? Why do we feel the need to experience the dim so we can walk better into the light? Why does wickedness give us more confidence and charisma? Could it be the marriage of indulgence to decadence? Is there a divorce between fascination and virtue? Don’t we all feel sort of dead when we always play by the rules? Isn’t why we always seek adventure and rejuvenation of our blood and skin?

Why the things we have are never enough for us? Where does that deep need to own what refuses to be ours come from? It will remain a secret for no one can decode the reasons, we can only speculate and run in circles while we still fixed to our grounds.

Disobedience will always be heart-catching, we will always be seduced to crack the solid firm ground, in order to enjoy an earthquake of unborn feelings, of that virgin taste we never relished before.

But beware of feasting on your insatiable appetite for your forbidden fruit for no matter how juicy and sugary it may taste , it can bring death upon you are you willing to stand on the front lines of a mortal pleasure?

Lina Hanna Hanna.

The cold wind of Abandonment

To be left behind, to be deserted in the midst of populated lands, to feel utterly alone and lonely is the saddest emotion a human being can ever experience. Haven’t we all felt abandoned even for a short period of time and haven’t we all shouted to God or our loved ones the famous line:” Why have you forsaken me?

Human beings were not created to live in isolation; we are born into societies into the warmth of a family that embraces us and a home that we feel safe and content within the security of his walls. But there are many kinds and sorts of isolation, someone can isolate us from the gardens of his soul and hear when he casts us away from his love and destroys all the bridges that lead to his mind so even if we were occupying the same geographic spot with him we would still feel in the midst of isolation.

Men separate those who are a threat to society with their ignorance and murderous ways! They are cut free from the tissue of the community so that can no longer be a danger to the rest of us! To be cast out is to be marked with shame and blame, it is a sign of being more monsters and less humans, it is the pain of losing the freedom and the validation of a respectful being that can participate in the show of life, so they turn to viewers in life, apathetic, their existence and its lack is all one as they stand from the same distance.

But for some of us, it did not take a criminal history for us to feel deserted in our own exile away from any form of life, sometimes we are prisoners of our own characters and hostages of our own fear and insecurity, and most of the times when we fall, we hit bottom alone, with no other hand to lift us up or take the fall with us, and that s when we suffer the hideous form of segregation.

It is that moment when lose the illusion of the great myth of empty promises and friends become foes, and we feel that even God is deaf to our calling, so we start tormenting our minds with the feel of being alone, of standing to our terra firma while the earth moves and flows forward and the more the river of life runs ahead, the more we feel fixed and paralyzed to our grounds.

When this happens, there are two ways to deal with the devastation either fall and stay down or we fall and we use the same ground we fell onto to stand up again and revolt against it all and start running and if we can’t run, we walk and if we fail to walk to crawl if it is what it takes to get back on the track again and even if we move slow and steady it will get us ahead, there is no life in stillness only death and decay.

If you do not wish to be vacant, you have to get on your feet and move ahead, even if it takes blood sweat and tears for in the arena of life, only those who smug their face with mud and dirt are worthy to enjoy life’s bounty of fresh water fountains where they can quench their thirst and enjoy running free along with the crowd in the warm sun of recognition!

Lina Hanna Hanna.

The Blind Eye of Understanding!

'But I don't want to go among mad people,' said Alice. 'Oh, you can't help that,' said the cat. 'We're all mad here.” How mad was Alice even in her wonderland to think she was safe from madness! It is mad to think we are all sane there or here!

Aren’t we all insane? Isn’t being multidimensional a strike of madness? Don’t we all have our moments? Are we always humans or cannibal monsters that eat each other with the teeth of greed and cruelty? Isn’t pure madness for the people of the world to fight over a piece of land and shed blood of innocence in the name of a “Good Cause”?

Look around you as you drive in your car, or walk in the streets, look and see, be involved and you will feel like you are walking in the asylum on crazy people!

Although there is a rather positive madness that I personally wouldn’t call madness, it is the mind who has a genius ability to see what those” sane “other minds fail to even notice, these minds shape and make the progress of the human race, because they see with the wild extreme eye of breakthrough, of trying the untried yet, of pushing the envelope, of going to the extremes, so we call them mad people but in reality we are the mad ones for being this rational to stand on the line of the possible and not having the heart to invade the impossible territories to question its possibility!

Is it really madness to go against the grail and to give the back to the crowds when they are all living a programmed automated way of life where everything is inserted inside their brains, stuffed in their systems? Is it really craziness to question our answers and to refuse and rebel against the status quo and the giving system of beliefs and faith? Is it crazy to follow our own rules, to make a rule instead of following it blindly with the eye of foolishness? If being our own judge and lawyers make us mad persons then I welcome my madness loudly and proudly! I’d rather be the black sheep in the white sheep herd than keep the white just as a sign of conformity and resemblance!

What is a crazy person? What is a madman? Is he someone who lost the ability to discern between right or wrong? Between what is real and what is not? Or is it “Doing the same thing and expecting a different result at each time? It is a man who favored converting into mad, in the communally accepted sense of the word, rather than surrender to a sick illusion of human supremacy over other humans in different parts of the world, because of a skin color, or sect or religion or even nationality, the crack and the gap we humans always create to separate our worlds and divide the undivided nature of a human being!

So” civilization” has choked in its shelter all those who stood against its refined and educated patterns of social validation and acceptance codes to refute it and be brave or “crazy “enough to make a revolution and be the voice of the sane persons who are simply satisfied by existence and abiding by the laws of” normal” humans.

So what does society do? It feels threatened by those who have a sharp eye of understanding the reality of the matters and the authenticity of the game and how to break the rules, so it builds a defending mechanism to protect itself from those” Madmen”, because they refused to become its partners in crime in certain misdeed. So when the society is about to hear the words spoken from the mouth of truth, it loses its good sense when it comes to certain intolerable reality so it duct tapes the lips of truth and stamp it with the seal of madness !

Do not be duped into mistaken great edgy audacious minds for crazy minds in the negative context, but know the difference between madness as in the strike to the brainpower and the brainpower in its outmost performance!

Dare to embrace those flashes of madness that hits the depths of your dark places and enjoy the thunder of experiencing the thrill of a new discovery!

Lina Hanna Hanna.

She is my Sister!

She walks in a room and it automatically changes as she sets foot in it! The air metamorphosed, the cold ordinary ambiance turns to golden dust, and the dead atmosphere comes to life with her strong and vivid aura!

She has this special gift of making a dead flower bloom , she is an energetic woman, she loves to laugh and make others laugh with her too, she has her tricky ways to force a smile upon your face even when you do not want to. She has a heart of a goddess; she is a great mother, an adorable daughter, an amazing sister that sometimes over protect me from even me! Her voice resounds and echoes in my mind for I hear her calling my name in blame and shame when I am being my craziest self her :” Lina!” hits the passages of my brains even when she is miles away!

She is forever present in my heart and she walks in grace inside the doorways of my being, she is a woman of struggle and resistance, she is an educated person who has the ambition to rise above and beyond her status quo, she loves unselfishly, a devoted mother who never fails her children even in the most challenging situations, she is a enduring lady who knows how to work through all the difficulties and hardship, she is the spring in the midst of winter.

I rarely tell her but my world would have not been the same if it were not of her positive nodulations, she gives me a hard time but I like to walk the lifeline hand in hand with her! Yes she is my sister, my life companion of the roads of hardship and she drinks from my cup of pain and she dances to the voices of my joy, she is there when I need her, to cry on her shoulder, to laugh at her jokes, to enjoy doing nothing with her and take delight in doing everything together!

I hope God will give her the strength to rise every time she feels the need to fall, may the almighty keep her ever shining glow and may her flame never burns out for it lights the world around her and we need her to see the light!

I love my sister and I am lucky to have her in my life!

عندما يأتي الليل

في كل مساء يسدل الليل وشحاه ليغرق العالم في ظلام دامس ، أضع رأسي على وسادتي محاولةً الإستسلام لها لكي يخلٌصني النوم ويعتقني من أسري داخل لحظاتٍ أتوق للتخلٌص منها ولكنها ترفض أن تدعني بسلام... فيأتي الليل ليوقظ فيٌ ما أريد له أن ينام ... فأتقلٌب في فراشي محاولة اسكات ضجيج ذاتي وصراخ أصوات ذكرياتي ...

هو الهدوء الصٌاخب، هي تلك الهمسات والأصوات الخافتة التي يخفيها النهار بحركته وثرثرة الناس وصخب الحياة السريعة ..

حين تطفأ الأضواء في غرفتي ، نور داخليٌ يضاء ليسلط أضوائه على أعماق روحي ، فينكشف ما أريد له أن يظل مستتراً ، أنظر بعين قلبي ويؤلمني ما أرى ، فأخبٌئ رأسي تحت الفراش كالنٌعامة التي تخبٌئ رأسها في الرمل عندما تشعر أن وجودها مهدٌد وعندما تخاف من النظر ورؤية ما تنظر إليه، ولكن قلقي وتوتٌري لا يهدئان إلا عند سماع صوت أخر يعلو على أصواتي الداخلية ، هو صوت الموسيقى يخدٌرني ويخرجني من ذاتي لأهيم وأجوب أماكني المفضلة ، تأخذني الموسيقى وتخطفني إلى حيث كنت يوماً سعيدة وحتٌى إلى حيث كنت فرحة بحزني ، تكسر قيوداً تكبلٌني على كرسي ٌالزمان والمكان فتفك أغلال الحدود فأركض داخل حدائق مخيلٌتي لأعيش قصٌة ما أو أعيد إحياء ذكرى ما قد عشتها على أرض الواقع ولكنها تشبه الخيال


موسيقى الليل تشعل نار الشوق في داخلي فاشتاق إليك وإلى سنفونية ضحكتك المليئة بالحياة والوعود بكل ما هو أجمل وأفضل!

ففط على صدى كلماتك التي تمر ٌفي رأسي كشريط مسجٌل على أنغام موسيقاي المفضٌلة استطيع أن استسلم للنعاس وأن أنعم بنومٍ لا يوقظ فيٌ ما قد مات!

لينا حنا حنا

Human nature

The definition of the word"Nature" can be stated on two levels: the first is that innate conduct (behavior not learned or influenced by the environment) character or essence, especially of a human. And it can also mean the material world: the textile of universe, the natural fabric of the earth, and the ordinary usual universe. It is all substance and energy in its vital structure. Nature is the subject of scientific study. This includes all things animal, plant, and mineral; all natural resources and events (hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes… but the question remains insisting, does the two natures collide or unite?

What is the human nature, is it our excuse for not understanding the fragments of our being? Is it the complexity of enclosing many worlds within a single body who endures this multiplicity? Or is it just simple truth that we complicate ourselves with the twists and turns we pick up while living and experiencing life? Is it a truth? Is it even simple? Isn’t decoding the mystery of our nature the biggest enigma yet to be solved by human intelligence? Are we contained in a definition, or a familiar environment? Aren’t we larger than life itself? Aren’t we Bigger and wider than the vastness of this universe?

Aren’t we the demons and the angels of one entity? Aren’t we strangers and neighbors as well as owners of us? Aren’t we the breath of God incarnated in a materialist animal instinctive self? Aren’t we the flesh that takes us down and the spirit that lifts us up in one package?

We are the darkness of the tomb, the light of the living breathing fabric of the universe. We are both the victim and the murderer of our being; we are the tides of one sea that the waves move back and forth from drowning beneath the water of life and the signals of emerging to the surface with the influence of our own gravity!

We are everything and nothing! We are everything to what we tame and know and nothing to the wild and the mystery of existence.

But unlike nature we are greedy by instinct and we have a natural tendency for wickedness and malice, nature takes just what it needs when the time imposes that need to take, as for the human nature it never takes just what it needs , it has the urge to devour everything that can add to its worldly status.

The nature ‘s earthquakes and disasters are a way that mother earth expresses the violation of her resources and assets, rain is not bad for the earth , it is not a punishment it is the perfect timing to water the soil in preparation of the bounty gifts she gives us. As for the human nature it unleashes its entire natural catastrophes just so that it can get ahead or because it has the power to do as so.

Nature gives and forgets asking nothing in return human nature gives you in one hand and strangle you with the other and demands your soul in exchange of that gift!

The ways of nature are simple whereas the patterns of human are demonically crafted to twist and turn around other humans so it can rob them from their souls just to gain more oxygen for its continuity.

The examples are endless but the result is one, we are creatures of both darkness and light, we are the children of both virtue and vice, we are the products of contradictions, the textile of two different fabric in one dress, the trick is to seek and go after that one link that can gather all our parts and our multiple natures into a balanced one, the ruse is to live according to your nature and never wear an artificial self that can kill your chances of experiencing and knowing what it is like to be Human !

Lina Hanna Hanna.

Hide and seek

The childhood is the cradle of youth, it is the time for play and blooming, it is the warmth and the charged ambiance of love and security so that a child can grow into a healthy person, both physically and emotionally. It is that time in our life where we get prepared to face and conquer the world, but what happens when a childhood is abused and tortured , what happens when the only game of hide and seek a child plays is when he wants to hide from the crying of a parent and the violence of the other?

What happens when a child hides underneath a table or in a dark corner and shuts his eyes on purpose so he won’t witness what he so desperately wants to stop?

What happens when the only lullaby a child hears is his own moaning and cries for help, how can that song help him sleep when it reminds him further more of what he does not have?

When infancy is prematurely turned to adulthood the kid in us dies before he has the chance to live. Some of us had the luck and the good fortune to be born is a home where nothing but safety and affection rules, where calm means an enjoyable silence that is a result of a harmonious home.

But there are those of us who did not have that good providence to reign over the atmosphere in their dwellings , those who had their childhood raped and taken away from them by that hideous monster called violence and quarrel , that clash that is the cause of a morbid dark silence , that heavy silence of fear and being on alert from an unexpected sudden attack , that child has to be awake even when he is sleeping , for if he gives in to sleep he might be awaken to a morose reality of being an adult child who survives one day at a time in a home that he never feels home..

If we are the result of our childhood then I declare the false pretense of this saying and I refute it , because we are affected by what happens to us in our early days , but I refuse to believe that those incidents can shape or destroy the adults we become, for we and we alone are responsible for our own happiness, it s either we make a mummy out of our dead killed parts , either we restore those left parts that can modify the whole about us and not only the bits and pieces who were violated in our formative years , either we let misfortune break us or we can turn the ship around and sail to new seas away from the one who almost made us drawn.

We can avenge our lost play years, by celebrating and nourishing the little child inside of us, by keeping the play in the midst maturity , by wearing the smile of a victorious adult and not the smile of a victimized child!

We can play the game of hide and seek so that we can seek new light buds even in the most dark black places inside of us , we can hide from our own selves inside the caves of our being, but it will not make the pain go away, it will only camouflage it into self dupery and denial, so let us not hide but only seek more life and more colors in a cold grey existence.

To you the Broken child of yesterday I say:" Rise from the ashes of your death, soar high and away from what is in the past, fly towards the future and enjoy your residence in the present for if you have made it so far and if you survived it through what makes you think you cannot win the battle between yourself and you , between the adult you are and the child you were, never surrender to the ghost of the past do not struggle the presence of the present , but rather celebrate your own strength , your own rise and fall for you were an abused child by chance you can be a conqueror man by choice so go call the new developed child in you can come out and play to win!"

Lina Hanna Hanna.

The Art of compromise

The decisions we make form the life we live. Sometimes one wrong decision can cast an irreversible demonic spell that leaves us on the balcony of our inner spaces crying over the ashes of our assassinated dreams and desires. While other times one decision can lift us up to the climax of a well lived life where we enjoy the panoramic view of life occurrences with the smile of satisfaction and success.

For some of us hesitation is a killer, when we bounce back and forth between consent and refusal, time passes us by and we are neither left with neither nor the right to agree or reject. In the same manner there are those of us who attack and slaughter the hesitation with a brave heart, enjoying the thrill of the risk gambling everything we have for what we could possess additionally, so we dance on the edge between the thin line of danger and safety feeling more alive when in jeopardy!

every so often we feel the need to sit back and think any decision over, and that’s when we try to find that middle ground between what we want and what we can have; between reality and ideality, between sacrifice and holding out to what we can never ever give up even if the rewards are infinite. So we take the time to think of the pros and cons, to measure twice so we can cut once, to discover what is more important to us and what is the proper or the improper way to obtain it; this is where the art of compromise is most highlighted, the true artist is the one who recognizes his assets and knows his inner map in a complete coverage , he has the skill to discern what makes his life worthwhile so he can adhere to it and knows what he is capable of giving away in order to take it back doubled in a different form.

Never give up what you can never stop thinking about every day, never compromise who you are for you will risk becoming an immigrant in your own identity, a stranger to yourself and a different person to others, never compromise your right to be happy for you can be selling your soul to the devil and you will make your heart your own tomb!

Never compromise your character , but rather learn how to bend , how to live with the tides of your being, the change in you is natural, but not your change and transformation into someone you are not so you can gain things and materials that will not add to who you can become but rather steal your spark away from you, you will be caught up in the web of having while you can resist the temptation and enjoy the freedom of being even if you did own earthly riches and fortunes, you will rule yourself and be the only legislator of your life.

You can compromise your preferences, your possessions, things are negotiable but individuality can never be!

Win yourself and any los can be regained, lose yourself and all the growth you reach would still make you a dwarf in comparison to the gigantic immensity of a free human being!

You only live once and for a life well lived, once is more than enough once you get it right, so know yourself and learn how to master the art of having and being!

Lina Hanna Hanna.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


What is a confession? Is it a secret that would rather commit suicide than be known? Is it a fear of exposure of our twisted desires and appetites? Is it a declaration of guilt of being our true colors? Is the implicit made explicit? Or do we have the right to our secret garden where we can enjoy the mystery of our most intimate character? Is it a sin to be different or to enjoy what others endure?

When we confess do we ask for absolution and acceptance or is it just a way to repent until we have something to declare again? Is it the naked truth that screams :” I can’t take it anymore” when we are covered under the garments of a colorful smile that shows the world that we are happy and that everything is fine when we just wish to give up pretending and send a cry for help! Or when we admit to have an eccentric taste that makes us the black sheep in the white sheep herd, when we come out of the closet we hide in when we step into the sociable realm!

We feel the need to come clean and shed our old skin for a new one, we do not want to swim the ocean of culpability, so we declare to the world what we alone know in an attempt to look for a similar sin a parallel vice that we can ease our anguish with, as if knowing that someone else other than us have done what we did can grant us the validation that is alright somehow to have slipped-up the way we did for we are not alone in this!

It is very wrong to seek resemblance in order to acquire redemption, it is only us who can give ourselves that forgiveness, we should learn to forgive ourselves first, and we should be trained to be the priest and not only the sinners! We are humans, and error is a human condition, it is fault in our creation, if it were not for these errors we would have been Gods! We should not be hard on ourselves and let the flesh eating virus of guilt eats us alive but rather we should mend the inflammation where it hits and thus building a stronger immunity system.

Confession is nothing but that moment of clarity and awareness that we stand in front of the mirror of the soul and acknowledge that we did something wrong because we feel we became less than what we used to be before committing that deed! It is the moment when we feel the pain we inflicted upon others while we were insensitive to its occurrence before!

It is the re-examination of our actions in the light of others , it is the re assessment of the sum of the experiences that led us to the present moment , to stop and think of the pros and cons of each matter we handled , it is the return to the self, the hearing of the soul’s screams and joys!

It is not admitting we have a bizarre way of life, or having an audacious tongue or standing out from the crowd, these are things which we should never ever use the word confess for having, these are traits of heroism and bravery that we should be proud to have and not ashamed of !

Repent what made you less human but never confess being too human!

Lina Hanna Hanna…

نداء الجسد

الجسد له شهيٌته وله طعامه ، يجوع ويعطش ، يرغب ويرفض ،له ذبذبات خاصة به يطلقها عندما تلتقط قنواته تموٌجات تحرٌك الأهات في أروقته ودهاليزه! ولكن الجسد قطار الروح ، ليس جسداً بحت ، فيه عقلاً يعقل وروحاً تتنفٌس من رئتيه ، هو مدرك لجسمانيٌته عبر عقله وروحه: فالجسد عرضيٌ ولكن الجوهر أساسيٌ وحيويٌ ، المبنى لا يعطي المعنى ولا يغيٌر فيه شيئاً البتٌة ...

ما يعطيك هويٌتك هي خصائصك ومميٌزاتك ، هي ما يجعلك أنت الإنسان الذي أنت عليه ,سواء كنت نحيلاً طويلاً أو قصيراً ممتلئاً ! لون عينيك ليس هو بذاته عينك ، بل هو مجرٌد لون شاءت الصٌدف والجينات البيولوجيٌة أن تعطيك إياه وهو لن يغيٌر أو يعدٌل ولو قليلاً بمسيرة حياتك والخطٌة التي رسمت لك عندما ولدت من رحم أمك!

لماذا تلبٌي نداء الجسد على حساب اسكات الروح وصوت القلب فيك؟ لماذا تريد أن تحرق الخطوات ؟ لماذا تريد الجسد دون العبور بالروح أولاً ؟ كيف لك أن تلتقي بأحد دون أن تتعرٌف على شخصيٌته المعنويٌة والفكريٌة ؟ لما تجازف بالحصول على القالب فتأخذه فارغاً وتخسر القلب المليء بفيض من المعاني كافية لتبني لك أجمل حدائق العشق التي يكون الجسد بوٌابتها ونتيجة نداء رائحة العطر من أزهار الروح المختلفة بإختلاف انواعها؟

نحن من لحم ودم نعم، لنا ضعفنا نعم، لنا لحظات تقوى بها ماديٌتنا على روحانيٌتنا نعم، لا أحد منٌا لديه عصمة ذاتيٌة أو إلهيٌة صحيح ولكن لدينا إدراك وتبصٌر للمفاهيم ، لدينا رؤية وإحساس بإنسانيتنا ، نحن جسد محسوس في روحٍ لا تقع تحت الحواس ، نحن إزدواجيٌة الأضداد، نحن الشيء ونقيضه، نعيش الظلمة والنور في مصباح الجسد وعتمته!

تتعايش الروح والجسد فلا وجود للواحدة دون الأخرى، سواء في حالة سلام أو حرب ، سواء في حالة تزاوج أو طلاق ، لا يمكن أن ننكر أجسادنا كما لا يمكننا أن نهمٌش الروح فينا ، فنحن نفس الله نفخه فينا لنسمو عن سائر المخلوقات، ليكن جسدنا نتيجة وليس سبباً ،فمن يأخذ الوقت ليتعرٌف ويقابل المعنى المنطوي داخل الشكل الخارجي سيكافأ بجائزة الحصول على الإنسان بكليٌته وليس بأجزائه فقط وتذكر دائماً أن قيمة الورود ليست فقط بصورتها الجمالية بل برائحتها أيضاً!

لينا حنا حنا

The talent of holding on and letting go

On our emotional journey we meet every kind of people, some of them are just travelers that we meet along the ride, others are companions that we never set off without them, others we run into them when our paths cross at a common ground, these persons take us by storm, they reform and update our emotional baggage and add that zest to our hearts and they become essentials in our life and the thought of letting them go demolish our being and throws us into the fear of losing them.

But the unexpected always happens because in the matters of the heart there are no guarantees, only uncertainties where the wind of change might blow from any corner that surrounds us; we have to be ready and strong enough to let go of what we desire to hold on to more than life itself.

The reality might be modified by the unforeseen and the sudden, when that happens, we need to be artists of knowing what to cling to and what to set free. We have to be strong when we feel fragile, we have a will power that can move the earth beneath our feet, so when someone‘s presence in our life becomes frustrating, when we start to hurt our loved ones, when the knife of distance begins to get so sharpened that if we even get close to that person we risk a great cut and injury, it is wise to have the muscle to let go even if we would rather stay and be wounded and bleed their presence rather than endure the safety of their absence!

If you let go this does not translate itself into an act of surrender it means you decided to challenge yourself and not resign under the weight of life, there is a difference between giving up and letting go. When we give up it is because we are not strong enough to move on, but when we let go it means we are strong enough to go on towards a new horizon for the future might gives us again what the past made us lose!

In all this game of grab and liberate , the skill is to discern and know what is worth holding on to and what is better be set free ! Life is all about wanting and having, having what we want, wanting we have...Celebrate your personhood and do not be scared to leave a familiar pain in favor of an unknown joy!

Declare that The danger is when you fail to distinguish between the two poles of happiness for you will risk losing what could have made your life a memorable one, when you fall short on recognizing the jewel of your being, you will drop it in the box of neglect and it will be stolen from you, because you did not have the powerful grasp to keep it and fight for its possession! Then you will be the assassin of your own elixir of love and life, you will be the author of your own sorrow, because you did not know how to hold on to what was yours and you will suffer your abandonment when you left the door open for thieves to come in and rob you!

be careful of what you let go for it might never come back to you, beware of letting the wind in for it might carry what you have away from you, know when to leave the window open and when it is safe to close it, for an open door entice even the saint to come in and take a look!

Do not be a disciple of regret but strive to be a follower of awareness, know what is on stake and load your wisdom so you can always be the ruler of your kingdom or you will risk to be deserted of your throne and lose your reign over yourself and your people, you will wake up alone and bitter and a king of a deserted land, a sun with no one to shine its rays for!

Lina Hanna Hanna.

I just know it

Our insight, that innate form of knowledge that comes from the inside and demonstrate itself outside ourselves, is it a blind instinct indeed or a third eye we can trust without the risk of deception?

Some of us are gifted with a sharp perception, which is both unbiased and logical, but the rest of us might be in jeopardy of distraction and intense impulsive behavior that could lead us to more ignorance and less awareness.

How many times have we said the words” I just know it”? I am positive most of the times we use this justification when we want something so bad that we refuse to question its authenticity and investigate it further more so therefore we hide behind our emotional vulnerabilities so that we won’t have to compromise the subject of our desire.

The danger is that our imminent acquaintance can trick us and lure us away from the truth to conceal behind the pseudo appearance of what is true and what is not!

In order to protect ourselves we need to practice self control, we need to be aware of the fact that we can never veil the truth with our longing and passionate desires, because if we do we would be living in denial and borrowed reality that will only postpone the inevitable and never be able to cancel it or terminate its influx!

Like the famous saying goes:” Once bitten, twice shy” when we get hurt of trusting our insight without being objective and question our inner voices, we will be more hesitant to listen to those voices again and act upon them on the spot! It is very wise and courageous to hear those intimate thoughts that the self tells to itself but the mistake is to act solely and only based on those thoughts for we are weak creatures and sometimes we expose ourselves to the winds of desire and human weakness towards what sparks and shines but could not be the gold mine we are looking for, it could be just a mirage an image of what we want to see rather than what is already there!

Beware of being deceived, trust your insight but verify it!

Lina Hanna Hanna.

الانسان الغير الانسانيٌ


مشيت في ممرٌات المستشفى وإذا بي كمن يمشي بين القبور ، كمن يمشي في مأتم وجنازة الإنسانية ! تأوٌهات وأهات مزٌقت قلبي وانتشلته من بين ضلوعي ، ولكنها فشلت في التٌأثير على تعاطف الممٌرضات وعجز أنين الوجع المضني في التغلغل داخل تحجٌر القلوب المتوحٌشة الميٌتة!

ماتت قلوب البشر داخل عتمة جسد تحوٌل الى حجر! أصبح الانسان رخيصاً, والألم سقطت أسهمه لارتفاع سعر الدولار, فالمريض مجرٌد حالة او رقم من الارقام عرضة للزيادة والنقصان!

كانت أنطوانيت تعاني من مرض خبيث نهش أعضائها والتهم جلدها وجعلها أسيرة الفراش لأصابتها بشلل نصفي, ولكنٌه لم يقدر أن يغتال صبرها الاسطوري وايمانها بقدرته تعالى, فقلبها وحسن اخلاقها لم يستطع المرض ان يمتدٌ اليه !

هي صحيحة ومعفاة جسدها النحيل والتٌعب يحمل قلبا يزن أطنان وهو أسلم من ذوي الأفئدة العنفة التي تفوح منها رائحة الموت والتحلٌل لجثث الانسانية المهترئة داخل جسد اعضائه سليمة وروحه ميتة!

كانت تتضرٌع لله ان يساعدها على نيل نعمة الصٌبر والتٌغلٌب على مرضها ,فكانت كلٌما اشتدٌ ألمها تطلق صرخة مدوٌية قائلة " يا رب", وكانت تتوسٌل الممرٌضات لكي تحصل على جرعتها اليوميٌة من المسكٌنات لكي تستسلم لوسادتها فالنوم خلاصها الوحيد, ولكن لم تكن تسمع سوى صدى توسلاتها ليجيبها!

شاهدة غير مشاركة سوى بدعائي وتعاطفي الى ان فقدت قدرتي على السيطرة على أعصابي لاحساسي بالعجز عن تحمٌل المزيد من اللٌامبلاة, فقررت التدخٌل بعد ان حاولت ان أواسيها بأني اشعر واحترم ألمها, فابتسمت لي وأمطرت عليٌ بالدٌعاء .

تركتها وذهبت الى الممٌرضات لأطالب بدواء لها وتساءلت عن أسباب التأخير وكانت الصٌدمة عند سماعي السبب الغير مقنع عندما جاء الجواب باستهزاء ولامبالاة بأن لكلٌ دوره وأنهم منهمكون بأمور أخرى من الممكن ان تنتظر !

كيف للأنسان ان يصل الى هذه الدٌرجة من تصحٌر المشاعر؟ ماذا يقتل التٌعاطف والحنان ليخيٌم الصٌقيع على حرارة الانسان الغير انسان؟

ما الذي يجري في عالمنا هذا؟ انٌه يتحوٌل الى منفى وغربة للأنسانيٌة التي أسلمت الروح ولكنٌها لم تسلم من الوحوش التي في داخلنا وليست تحت السرير!

اهذا أنسان العصر؟ أهذه هي البشرية التي ستسمو بنا الى أبعد من خطوط التٌماس في محدوديٌتنا ومادٌيتنا؟

يا لنا من همجيين وصعاليك في التقدٌم المتراجع أشواط عن المحبٌة! تخجل الذئاب الكاسرة الجائعة عن التهام الجيف كما يفعل رجل الكهف المعاصر عندما يسفك دماء البشريٌة البريء من البشر !

لينا حنا حنا

No and Yes!

The sweet music of agreement is often stopped by the annoying noise of rejection, but the two notes are required to create the symphony of life!

A simple” yes” is an angelic tune, a” no” is never simple nor heavenly, it is the demonic distortion of a potentially nice melody.

But is our yes constantly a yes and our” no “always a no? don’t we all fall into the trap of saying yes when we mean to say no , don’t we all feel obliged to say no when our hearts are screaming with the yes?

The perfect harmony is to consent and synchronize both our inner and outer voices with one united yes and even a no! Except that life squeezes us into being diplomatic or realistic and makes us resign to the status-Quo!

It takes a real courageous soul to say what it means and to mean what it says! Sometimes our yes can break us to shreds and other times our no can be the tomb of our most powerful desires and dreams!

The maybe stand in between , it is both approval and objection, it is the state of a truce , a middle ground that is neither a yes nor a no, it is that state of confusion , of contradiction, of yes I want and no I do not want at the same time, it is the lost land and the rabbit’s hole the puzzlement , the uncertainty , the hesitation that attacks us when we are about to make critical life changing decisions; in the end there is nothing on earth that is fully and completely a yes nor a no , for the raw material does not exist in a finished materialized world where everything is both genders in the same outline!

The trick is to hear with the ears of our hearts what the tongue of the mind is trying to tell or hide from us, we have to chose a focal point and stick to it , the risk will always be present but isn’t being alive itself a greater risk that we all undertake?

Why be afraid of defeat when in every game there is a winner and a loser, why tame our horses when they were meant to run free in the wild! Why silence the yes and suffocate it when our eyes express it? Why say no and deprive ourselves from our god given rights? Why lie to ourselves in order to live a pseudo truth that will gratify us the social benediction?

Do not be terrified by the probability, to go against all odds will win you a state of flying far off to where you are better off! Embrace your swinging back and forth to your yes or to your no for when the time will be right you will bounce back to where your hidden strings are pulling you!

Lina Hanna Hanna.

Finding the right love

Love is life, and life unfolds in a zillion ways, sometimes we enjoy its ways, other times we endure those ways! But through the rough and soft edges we are living and being alive is a privilege, but what s the point of living if you can’t feel the rush of blood running through your veins? To take pleasure in existence we have to be the artist and the piece of art at the same time, and to be able to achieve that, goal we need to allow ourselves to flourish from our flower buds, the metamorphosis of the spirit, the transformation of the heart, the conversion of our being through trial and error, through experiencing the tides of our emotional patterns.

We all want to love and be loved, to know that what we do or do not do matters to someone in the world, we must sense that attention poured into the chalice of our character in order to quench that thirst and that leaning a heart inclines to when feeding his magnetism towards a heart that dances to its rhythm.

But it so happens that many times we fall in love with the wrong person over and over again so we start to blame ourselves and feel ashamed of our judgment, and we feel guilty of not using our reason, and we decide and curse the heart and his methods, we declare war and we build up a defense so we can have a safe zone where no one would hurt us again, or we become bitter and we decide to punish our emotions and we become victim of our own weaknesses.

The wrong person is never wrong, because he teaches us and helps us reach deep underneath our psychological layers, to uncover the veil of our hidden treasures, he contributes in forming our being in preparation for the right person in the right timing! We inform and transform through the flood of experiences we embark on in our love adventure and journey,

Do not plan or put labels or predicate what you want in the right person, the universe works in a spontaneous way, you can find your lost love where you least expect it and in the most odd place you never even thought of!

Just live and accept what occurs with you, every person you meet shapes your identify and you carry bits and pieces of each person you met, there is no wrong person there is just the wrong person during that specific time, for when the fruit is mature it falls naturally to the grounds without even putting an effort to grab and pull it out!

Focus on what‘s ahead, do not dwell in the cities of the past where the spiders have woven their webs on past events, instead make your present, the focal point and build your castles in the now and here land; a person is always a gain even if he breaks your heart or your faith, because when you lose you gain the wisdom and the lesson, you cannot learn and renovate your skin in any other way.

Joy sharpens your sense and makes you see the world with beautiful fresh eyes every day, but it is the sorrow that educates and elevates our existence to a higher state where the truth is reflected.

Never regret loving someone regardless whether or not that person was worthy of that love, you did what you did out of love and that alone should make you rise above and beyond their wicked hearts and poisoned kisses. Never let anyone take away what is divine about you, never let anyone rob your ability to love for the sake of love , be who you are in spite of not because of and you will never suffer a broken heart only a distant memory you wished to hold on to for a longer time.

Do not lock up yourself in narrow minded ideas and prejudices, practice understanding, consent to the sudden flashes in your life, you heart knows primitively what your mind studies and observes with time and knowledge.

There will always be a crush somewhere along the line, this should never stop you from leaning on the same ground you fell on in order to get up again and continue your quest for a love that can hear and sing your song with you in perfect harmony!

Lina Hanna Hanna.