Lina H Hanna

Lina H Hanna

Thursday, July 29, 2010

On What Grounds?

We are often confronted with persons who adopt a different way of interpreting reality, thus either we make fun of them or underestimate their own reasons.

What motivates us? What is the cause behind what we do or what we do not do? Did you ever stop to think why?

Lina Hanna Hanna.

body mind soul

Let me tell you one thing … whenever you perform an act, whatever the nature of this act may be , always ask yourself why are you doing what you are doing? let your reason be valid, let it reflect a parcel of your soul… don’t let it be for the plain cause of “ because I want to” or because “I need to”, validate your grounds, carry forth your needs fore more powerful basis; let your answer be because it will add up to the person I am.. Because I will discover a new me… because it will take me to new pinnacle … because I want to experience the depth of my human existence , the richness of my existence, the diversity of my dimensions … because it will elevate me from the mere simple earthy understanding to the divine discovery of my potential.

Let your reason be because I do not want to preserve myself, I want to consume my soul to the very last breath, because I want to spend all my spiritual baggage, because I do not want to save myself, because I want to burn myself rather than let myself fade..

Let us make the best of our existence by adding profundity to all what we complete, let us fulfill the 3D concept we have:” The Body, the mind, the soul” in every deed we accomplish no matter how small or big it may be; let us satisfy and touch all our 3 dimensions when doing what we do and we shall forever grow and bloom…

Be the Hero of your own life story

To live, is to experience, to experience is to change, to change is to shed our old skin to wear a new one. We exist in a state of either harmony or war with others and with our environment.

Lina Hanna Hanna



as we should be living that peace with ourselves to begin with and to finish without the bitterness of always comparing ourselves to others and we will never be satisfied.

Those who live in synchronization with themselves are great achievers in the game of life, as for those who live at hostility and rage are simply poor minded. Life is so rich, so large and so interesting that sometimes, it becomes hard for us to keep up with its paste; we always search for novelty, for something refreshing to make us feel we exist more. We look in others, in things, and in most cases we find out that we did not find what we are looking for, and it feels like there always this hole, this gap in our heart that it seems hard to fill up no matter how hard we try. We are always looking outwards whereas we should be looking inwards.
We want to be winners in life, and we always compete with others, thinking it is our travel document to victory… except that triumph is never ours unless we win the battle against our own selves, we are our worst enemies, within us lies the universe and its tribulations and trials, we enclose in ourselves our own hell and heaven. nevertheless we never stop to fight that battle, those enemies, we do not know our enemy, ignorance is our bliss of choice, we look but we do not see, we touch but we do not feel, we speak but we do not say anything, we are always alienated, we are never in fine tuning with our inner world, we run away, we hide to our shell, we seek the false security, we postpone and murder the moment of truth.
The real antagonism is in the simple formula:” Me against myself” not “Me against the World”, the moment it becomes me against my world, salvation is obtained, we can enjoy our freedom. We are never free so long as we are slaves to our weaknesses and victims of our fears… the great effort is to face our own demons and to be at war with ourselves, to be in constant dialogue with our inner thoughts, to learn to not only listen but hear the voice inside us, the one we try to distort with a higher sound. That voice which reveals our exact feelings, our genuineness, our true color.

Who I am today after yesterday? Am I still that someone today? Will I become someone else tomorrow? The becoming is the very chore of life, to get informed and transformed, that is the true conquest, the conquest of our many worlds that we bring together within, to find that unity in all the diversity we radiate from side to side of our being. To declare peace with ourselves, with the persons we are, with the person we would like to be but that we are not, to have hope that we can become who we are if we have the will power and the passion for life and its occurrences, its ups and downs, its sun and its rain.

Win the battle against yourself and you will never loose a combat again, you will be the forever champion and hero in your own life story!

Where do you stand?

Is contentment safety? The walls we build around us, are they protection or captivity in a false security ploy.

Lina Hanna Hanna

the new vision of my life... by ZLoBiL4e7o

Are we really safe and sound when we are satisfied with the status quo? Are we secure in our element and familiar ground? Aren’t we just fine where we are kings of our well known territories? Do we have a feeling that we have all what we need, that we reached a fixed point where we dwell in a state of stagnation where fine is good and better is a risk that we are better off without?

Isn’t complete rest a death? Isn’t ease a killer? Isn’t life just so filled with so much to experience, live and endure? Aren’t we missing on a lot staying in our soothing zones? Isn’t the thrill of a new discovery, a new occurrence worth a thousand shields? Don’t we have more freedom being open to new horizons and new skills we never thought we had just because we wanted to repeat what we know and not risk to learn what we can master if only we try? If only we thought that there are matters bigger than life and we would be just too damn stupid to use our days and not attempt to see what lingers behind our scope?

This I tell you, you who think that you will lose if you try to gain what hangs beyond the realms of what you think is in your reach, you who mistake ambition for gambling…

I tell you this, gamble everything you have, everything you are for you could win what you can become, for you might discover hidden treasures in the map of your existence. You will never find if you never look, how can you look if you have but one place you reside in for all your life? Nothing, absolutely nothing compares to the feeling of exposing yourself to an original fresh sensation that you were ignorant about its existence .countless are the incidents that can astonish you every day, at any given moment, you just have to keep pushing yourself beyond your limitations beyond the fences you cage yourself inside … what stays behind those fences is of great value.

Leave your tower , go and wonder above, underneath and around it so that if you came back to it , you will bring back to its walls all that exists beyond them… be insatiable in living your life, for the thief is always depriving you and taking away the sand in your hour glass , and there are many things, bigger than life itself remaining and hanging around to be found out, to be felt , to shed light on, to be added to the person you are… you are not a finished product sealed and signed , you are ever converted, changed and you will always grow and expand your wings to soar as high as your imagination can take you, you are a great achiever in the game , you can alter and challenge your reality and mold it into millions and millions of shapes that are destined to be formed .

Being content is good after the trial and error and not without it, try and fail is better than the failure to try, you will be satisfied after you have rubbed your marble. Ambition is the compliance to risk losing yourself in order to find it … never accept what you have not tried in order to preserve what you have already tried… multiple are the chances and possibilities, you can add up to your deposit and increase the interest of your skills and grow by the second and expand your prospects…Never settle for less than what you can become. You can never know what stone you are made of unless you test your stamina and your substance…

Be the eternal hunter in the jungle of life, be the nomad that suffers from both the frost and the heat of faraway lands… lose sight of your shore so you can find new seas … Jump over and cross the barbed wires so you can find the rope that will let you climb to your own Mount Everest…

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The solace of the mind in the hassle of the world

The stressful lives we find ourselves obliged to co exist with, requires us to find our “break region”, where we can prevent anxiety and revive our brainpower, in order to recover from the dirt of the zillions tasks and obligations we are forced to take on.

Lina Hanna Hanna.


This relief zone where we leave our mark is not necessarily geographic; it could change and diverge from one person to another each according to our fondness.

How can we find our own asylum? Do we have someone to run to in order to wash away our tension or do we run over everyone who gets in our way so we can free our pull upon?

We should always discover ways to calm our nervous tension, when we under a lot of stress. Why should we take your anxieties out on other people? Sometimes a walk in the heart on our mother nature would have tremendous healing powers, or a song we love , a song that has the ability to make us travel in mind to wherever land we want to be present in that particular moment.

Sometimes it is the warm voice of a closed loved one, or a smile of a complete passing by stranger, it is not hard to find our doorway to the solace of our minds if we only see , feel and experience the world encircling us.

Sometimes it is just a random drive to an unknown destination, where we just let ourselves go and follow no map but our own diagram. A change of scenery would do marvels in rejuvenating our spirits, and empowering us to new eyes where we see not new things but the same old things differently with each and every single detailed trait that makes it what it is.

Sometimes a time spent alone, for being alone is not the same as being lonely, we can be lonely while enclosed between hundreds of persons, and in the same way we can be alone and feel the company of the whole population with us, and the magic of a circus and we can hear the sound of all the laughter that has ever been laughed in history.

They say the best things in life are free and that is so very true , witnessing the expressions of the world around us are given to us, if we are in a receptive mode frequency , the beauty of a mesmerizing moonlight glow, the warmth of the rays of the sun, the singing of a bird can never be bought for it has no price but all the value of the most expensive possessions on earth.

Everything is out there, we just need to make that bond and identify with our inner voices and trust them to lead us to endless green meadow where lilies grow and every kind of flower that can color our lives and chase away the blackness of the clouds on our rainy days…

Just take a moment and distinguish to be free of your own anguish. Your shelter and place of relieve awaits you, it is up to you to cross over the fences; you could be either a benefactor or a beneficiary of your own use of vigor.

Social Masquerades & charades

Our true color … the real face we show when we unmask and take off the fake visage we wear when we are out in the social realms…

Lina Hanna Hanna.

playing our games and being who we are not sacrificing who we genuinely are in favor for a so called” acceptance” from others… we show them the face they want to see and sacrifice the face we know ourselves through when we look at our own reflection in the mirror..

We love to feel wanted, we want to belong to a circle, we seek to” fit in” inside the comfort society of similarities… differences are nice so long as they are kept away and safe from mingling in building our relationships with others.

There was a poet who once said if everyone knew what his” friends” say behind his back no one would have kept their bonds with one another… how far does this charade has to go? How faraway are we from stepping out of the crowd and being genuinely different than being similar replicas?

Let me tell you one thing, whoever does not accept you and want you the way you are, with your true color even if this color does not match or appear on his sphere of colors, that person is not definitely not worthy of your time, nor your heart nor any exchange of thoughts and dreams with you, and you are way better off alone.

Do not give up your true identity and individuality for the sake of being someone you are not, just to be one of the cattle and one with the cattle.

Embrace your differences even if it meant you will have less so called companions, they are enemies undercover, waiting for your first fall just so that can enjoy and take pleasure in the depth of your crack, that is if of course if they are not the ones who pushed you down into it ….

Never compromise yourself… your distinctiveness, for it is because of them that you are who you are, and you are not a copy of another version of someone else…

Not anything in life has the merit to make you wear your mask and walk in the masquerade of existence just so you can feel that you obey the rules and they you are accepted for you are not accepted for who you are but for who you should be to please everyone except the one and only person that you should worry about pleasing and that is “YOURSELF” …

Love yourself and don’t play by the social set of rules… play your own game live through your body and your mind as well not in your body with a mind that is handed over ready for you to wear and function mechanically … you are unique, what sets you apart from others is what makes you stunning …

Find a common ground just never live on somebody else’s ground , you and you alone know what and where and how and why you do what you do , or you act in the manner you act, you are your own friend and enemy at the same time… you are the world you strive to be adhesive to, you can find that bonding agent you look for with the right kind of persons , these persons will never let you wear their colors or invite you to live on their grounds they will push you and set you in your own motion towards your territory , your element where it is okay and nice and accepted to be you and they will even celebrate your uniqueness with you…

Drop your disguise; be free; crash down your collective camouflage and you will sure come out and be discerned for who you are, your true colors will shine and be as bright as ever…

The Two “E”… The Exquisite and the Eccentric

How many times have we said never will I do neither this nor that? I am sure most of us have uttered the “I never do that” line, only to be hit by a life changing moment at an advanced point, a mark that refutes our” by no means” and transform it into “by all means” and then out of the blue, we stand in front of our new found knowledge of a new trait in us that we never ever thought we had.

Lina Hanna Hanna

exquisite ,a world of creation begins " and the waters covered the earth" by colindove

We start questioning ourselves and having so many question marks? What triggered it? Was it there all along dormant and lurking somewhere inside of us, waiting for that” it factor” that will awaken and summon it from its depth?

Suddenly the “Neversay never” old saying begins to make sense to us, we start to realize that nothing is worthy of certainty, since we are a raw material, uncooked, unfinished, always changing and experiencing the tides of the sea of life… the rise and fall of our duality combat between the devilish and angelic levels caused by the combined effects of the rotation of our human side and the gravitational forces exerted by society and our environment we are but a sketch of the real image we reflect.

And for as long as we breathe, as long as we have a pulse, we discover new traits in us we transform and adopt a different behavior pattern when we think that this is it for us…

Life is never the parking space we stop and leave our character at… life is the road, the journey and all of what we meet along the way tells us something about us.

The unrevealed is what remains under the veils that gloom and murk our cataleptic and unconscious mind, if we find out even in parts bits and pieces of it, we will be lucky to have the chance to complete the puzzle to the question “who I am”?

We will need a lifetime and more to be able to answer such a simple question, since as long as we live we learn, a new day is a new beginning and every beginning is a chapter that adds to the story book of our life… the future holds numerous resources to contribute in achieving the bigger picture of that puzzle …

We are part of everything and everyone that we meet; we get informed and then transformed by the proportion of the fragments we gather and carry within us to shape the persons we become.

They say life is what happens to you when you are making other plans, I guess the unplanned, the unexpected, the unfocused on, is what reveals some of the mysteries that we long to disclose and be familiar to.

The not knowing is still charming and appealing, some matters are better of unanalyzed… we don’t have to dissect every incident, every emotion we have, the mystery is attractive, it makes us in an rather more awake state of being.

The autopsy of every matter under the sun is not always alluring; darkness is life condition, for it is the womb of darkness where any form of life starts….

Love what you can not understand if your attempt to comprehend it is in vain…and sometimes ignorance is bliss… what we do not know can never hurt us.

Knock …Knock…knock

The opportunity is banging at your door; can you hear its buzzing? Are you ready to jump on the occasion when it presents itself to u? How many of us have felt sorry for not taking on an occasion, when we should have had seized it?

Lina Hanna Hanna

A Knock by Joyce  D. Z.

It is the fear, the alarm that rings in our heads, it hold us back, we lack self esteem, we are too coward to leave the hell we know for the heaven we will have to get to know.

Hesitation is a executioner sometimes since time waits nor stops for no man, the ride is on and the wheels keep turning , we have to be fast enough to keep up to its paste else we will miss the voyage and loose the chance to leave our station to another..

The hang around for the next time the opportunity is in the” hood” might take longer than what we can afford to.

When we just jump on the occurrence and ride the bull by its horns, only then, our self admiration will hit a high note in the melody of our inner tunes.

We will be able to perform any mission we set our mind to, and doing so we will take notice of our dynamic personality and praise ourselves for mastering it and nothing will ever be able to stop us.

It is said that we are lucky if we end up with the right kind of remorse and I think this is very true, for we will have what to regret, but we will be privileged if we had the right regrets,, those who are worthy of pondering upon our memory, the right regrets are those mistakes we learn from, those which have added shape to our personality, the wrongs who flipped to develop into our wisdom and maturity.

A mistake remains so until we correct it, when we exact it, it no longer is a fault but rather strength point in the depository of our survival tools.

But even our slip-ups, we have the right to our mistakes, it is how we dig deep into our souls, to our own sculpture and remove the stones built around our hearts, in order to gain access to the pearls that adorn our minds and make us shine with grace and fine positive outlook on life.

We have to be in an accessible mode with the universe, open souls have nor walls nor doors to knock on, no windows from where to enter; it is this openness to the world and its incidences that will make us fit the profile to be hunters of opportunities.

Like the saying goes:” fortune favors the Bold”, so be audacious and pay close attention, keep your eyes and ears opened to hear the knock of chance on your doorstep.

Go ahead, Roll the dice, get your growl out and keep your claws fully sheathed to attack your moment of Glory when it strikes.

The hub of vitality

“All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire, but my heart is exclusively my own.”hollers Goethe

It's just like real life, only not. by JustK

… Oh the heart and what takes place inside its doorways and its walls is solely and utterly his very own…. The heart decides to who open its doors and to whom he sings the hymn of his beating symphony … some people just shatter the gates of our hearts and impose their entrance, without permission while others crawl their way and carve their footsteps as they move slowly into the realms of this weary pumping muscle that seizes and counters every reaction or biological response we have towards the world that encloses us…

The dilemma starts, between what the heart wants and what the mind accepts, there is an ongoing war, between what we desire, and how to conspire in order to acquire the object of our desire!

Sometimes we succeed but other times we fall short on ideas and plots so we succumb to the status quo and we live with hungry hearts, scavengers ready to feed up from any provisions so we can sustain its vitals long enough to hit upon its elixir of life.

This is the case for most of us, warriors on the arena of human emotions that button from and anger, to rage and peace, zest to detachment …shift of sensation, swing of commotion, high and low in the tide of the sea of our feelings. Veto..

However there are those who are blessed of having a complete synchronized harmony of submitting their heart to their mind by either descending the yes of the mind to the no of the heart, or by ascending the no of the heart to the yes of the mind… and by so doing mastering and controlling themselves and that is the hardest and most draining task for a human being to obtain. Since it is easier to master what we do than to master what to feel! We can not choose and control our feelings, no matter how angry or frustrated a certain mood obliges us to yell and shout and proclaim our right to our Veto..

No “I object” is ever valid or efficient in the court of love….

Finally there are those who are blessed with a divine gift of having the yes of the heart in parallel with the yes of the mind … absolute freedom and pure elation, that is the unconditional status, the even though making way for the because it is so…then no doors nor walls are built around our hearts, and no authorization for access nor forbid for exit.

Come in as you please, stay for as much as you want and leave when it is no longer possible to stay, knowing that you can come back again since you have earned your way in….

Our hearts expose us to the winds of the emotional sky but it also renders the warmth of a beautiful sunny Day….make the best of it while it still pumps the blood of life in you , it is worth sucking that blood out of you as well , oh a thousand death for a moment of life , let all the blood in my veins burst out for one moment of truth….

Lina Hanna Hanna.

Broken Vows

“The promise given was a necessity of the past: the word broken is a necessity of the present”; expresses Niccolo Machiavelli.

Lina Hanna Hanna.

Just Shut Your Mouth by Jess White

From the time we human beings could talk to one another, we have been making pledges and giving guarantees to offer a certain refuge we seek among the ever changing world we live in. Relationships can be damaged by common, everyday violation of faith… words can mislead us and delude us to a false security, to a fraud durability that can never last. It begins with a small lie, to a cover-up for a forgotten important date or number or promise, each of these take a bite out of confidence so we seek a pledge.

Furthermore why do we need a promise? I think it is because we need an assurance of permanence, to reserve a place in the hearts of those we love for the future; and somehow thinking that this promise will fight the mischievous elves of change away from us and that we will continue to have in the upcoming tense what we have in the present?. We crave it so bad that the thought of loosing it for the unknown frightens us? And what is the mysterious but the future? They yet to occur, the yet to alter, that point in time we have no command over whatsoever.

And there are promises we make to ourselves, promises of change, of challenge, of war, of peace, of never changing… and staying the same.

But little do we know that we are breaking that promise at the very moment we state it, while making it … how can we make a promise for the future? When we are only masters of the present, results of the past and potentials of the future? Of the might be or might not be… We can never promise what is not definite, what is subject to transformation, to conversion or maybe not… But when nothing is certain everything is probable.

We regard those who carry on with their promises, people of honesty, while those who don’t keep them as people who are to be taken slightly and at worst can’t be reliable. However, sometimes we overlook how authoritative our words are, and we use them chaotically or unconsciously, and thus producing hopes that are never satisfied, leaving regret and distrust in our awakening.

And we start probing and inquiring for legal and valid reasons to legitimate our deception.

The oath makes us believe even if we know deep at heart that it is no warranty or contract with the enemy who is nothing but the lies…

We are fragile emotional creatures sometimes a word can make us or even break us, words have powers and we have to abide by them but there are really no certification, only time can expose, like the famous sayings goes:” if wishes were fishes no one would have died of hunger” sometimes it takes more than an vow to ensure our hearts desires and sometimes even if we mean every word we say , time can force us to take a different path, and we can not act according to our wish for there are life changing matters and circumstances.

We have to respect our words and try our best to stand for and by it, but in case we fail let us not be the judge but instead let us be the lawyer that will defend and hear out the plead others proclaim and have the right to with us . Anyone who does not slay our existence for a broken promise or a word that never was translated into actions will sure be the lawyer and not the judge in our life.

Let us practice Playing fair and know that we can hold our judgment against our peers in any chosen arena. Let us expand self-belief, filter our objectives, and make progress by being prepared to put our requests, attitude, thoughts, or expertise to the test .be powerful by transformation through awareness.

And keep in mind that our words may not always be gospel to those who hear them.

Secrets… what lingers beneath?

The value of many men and books rests solely on their faculty for compelling all to speak out the most hidden and intimate things said Friedrich Nietzsche …

Lina Hanna Hanna.

Sweet Sunshine by jewelskings

How long or how well can a secret be kept within the stratums of time? Are we even worthy opponents of Time? Isn’t it a lost battle anyway? Or is having a secret so appealing and compelling for us? Why do we feel more imperative, more interesting and more confident when we have a secret? Why do we even try to exhaust our mediocre assets against a precise moment in time where our veiled themes might be exposed at any given flash?

Are our secrets spices of our daily plate of existence? Or toxins that might kill the persons involved in our lives if spread into their own dishes?

I think everyone of us is entitled to his secrets; some matters are better kept in the dark for their exposure to the light might jeopardize us and makes us easy meat to our foes and thus unfasten their appetite to the smell of our bleeding wounds.

How often do we think that we are kings in full access to the monarchy of the people in our lives? But do we really know what subsists under our”faux “knowledge?

This is where it is smart to recognize the saying” Nothing is worthy of certainty”… not as long as we are subject to alteration, not as long as we are incomplete crops in a refutable existence that is evolving by the second.

Even in the field of science, what was once a fixated rule is now a mere probability, and the Quantum Physics is a proof to that… as stated by the constraints imposed by the uncertainty principle.

If that applies on science, how more relevant would it be for us as humans? If the law has become the exception where would that leave the exception on the rational orbit?

We are on a journey of on going evolution, we should never be definite in “knowing it all” about someone or something ever… We know in parts, we know what is revealed to us or what we exert ourselves to find out through countless mediums… there is always something hidden beyond the fences of our delusions and illusionist expertise. We will always lack data in the system of knowing as a whole and not in parts… we learn everyday to insert new figures, facts and statistics.

Isn’t playing by the rules rather boring than breaking some or all of them so we can have a mystery or a secret we can feed on to increase our magnetism and charisma? Will we always be interested if we knew everything about anyone or everyone? Or better yet can we really be so stupid and shallow to think we know everything about anyone?

How often what is concealed, when it is overcome or known; it is smothered and satiated?

Keep the ambiguity alive or execute it? It is up to each one of you, you and you only can decide!

More or enough?

Desire, craving, hunger are recognizable states of being for all of us. But not every longing once fed dies…

Lina Hanna Hanna.

Spirit Land by Globalphotos

sometimes the more we nourish some of our desires the more we are famished for more… for those who have an insatiable, avid nature, a sufficient amount is never an option; the additional, the further more is the only way they know how to devour and they are never full but instead always eager for more. But for those who live in moderation, the adequate amount is where they stand never crossing over the fences of the right dose in fear of stepping in the land of the unquenched thirst and risk an overdose.

What matters is to live in sincerity, never promote for a fake identity, and if you are a “more person” then so be it! Embrace your fervent soul and subsist in this honesty rather than alienate your true avid self to replace it with a false lucrative moderation that will serve the image you want to endorse in the eyes of others.

The famous Arab poet “Abou Al No was” used to live his life in excess, the more is less for him, always consuming and spending his assets and never saving himself. So he was advised to be easy on himself in order to preserve himself and his health and his answer was one that the history recorded he said “I would rather live my life fat and short than long and thin” his answer represents the answers of all those who adopt the same way of thinking.

If we want to measure life with numbers moderation would be the smart choice, but if we are using our interior hour glass, we calculate by our sensation, therefore killing all the reality of numbers, sacrificing quantity for the sake of quality, it is only from this angle and perspective exactly that a year added or subtracted would make no difference; it is the vitality in those years that add up and never the years..

What is life but filling each moment with matters we love, themes that will enhance shades and hues in our way of life. When we are carrying out an issue that we are passionate about we feel we exist more, nothing is ever automated, and we can do the same old thing with a new stir at each and every single time. We look at the same door we have passed through a zillion times before, only to see it with new eyes , with what takes it from a mere door to this very particular door with its nuances.

It is the wanting to experience more, to cross the barrier of our horizon to step into what is present beyond our filed of sight.

Some have a voracious hunger by nature, and others have a lukewarm nature. There is no right or wrong character just a different personality. We are not all the same and that is what gives our existence its opulence and interesting traits.

For some it is a blessing to stay within the space of” the enough” for others it is the curse of not having enough of the more they can however exhausting and draining it might be… some favor fatigue and prefer to wear out than to rust out doing just what needs to be done and nothing further… which one are you? Know the answer and embrace it as long as you are acquainted with the genuine you!

Death Or Rebirth?

On a tombstone: Remember man:” as you walk by as you are now, so once was I… As I am now so shall you be.

Lina Hanna Hanna.

Remember this and follow me.” These are words written on a tombstone that suggests what death would be telling us” the living” if he had a voice we can hear. Death; Death terrifies us by merely pointing it out, or just by hearing its voice-over; we quiver, shudder and feel our Achilles’ heel. We regard it as separation, annihilation, as the enemy! It is expected to look upon it from this perspective since we are human and sometimes a little too human if you want my opinion.

The separation is the only torment that we are excused to endure, saying farewell is never pleasant for no longer hearing the echo of the laughter or the voice of a loved one is a kind of death while alive. The no longer possible to gaze into his eyes and see a smile lighting up his face is pure torture, a last kiss , a last word , a last anything is anguish and pain. But let us remember that we are only guests in a rented life, we need to go back to our source, and the soul is forever missing its return to where it came from before it inhabited the body. We can never escape death, no matter how we curse and shout and hate it. It is a must endure bitter taste that is a condition to life itself. In a way I think death is a blessing and beautiful thing, just think of the word eternity, how grand is that? Can we really afford eternity in the physical forms of our bodies as we know it? Aren’t the time effects that deteriorate our youth and makes us more like vegetables cured and relieved by death itself? Aren’t you eager to your rebirth without the body you occupy? Where is your devotion to come back to your ethereal state of being? To float free like you predestined to be? When a life has been lived in total authenticity, entirely regardless of it was successful famous or just completely, if it was taken away by death we should not mourn it, for like the famous saying goes:” Every man dies but not every man really lives”. There are people who are living corpses, because there is the death of the heart, mind and soul just not the body these are the ones worthy of grief and sadness, they carry a dead heart in a living body, their bodies are their own tombs where darkness prevails and no light can ever penetrate. These are the dead and not those who are liberated from their bodies after their souls have reached its full potential and openness. Not every graveyard is full of dead persons and not every life is far from being a cemetery… Let us think of death as the voyage of the soul towards its real hometown, after living in rentals and fulfilling the purpose of its journey when it was immigrant during her existence on earth… There is a famous poem for Jalal-Al Din-Al Rumi where he speaks of death as he perceive it, this poem delivers the message perfectly well “I died from minerality and became vegetable; And From vegetativeness I died and became animal. I died from animality and became man. Then why fear disappearance through death? Next time I shall die Bringing forth wings and feathers like angels; After that, soaring higher than angels – What you cannot imagine, I shall be that.” What a wonderful display of words to describe the enlightened and peaceful mind towards death. Isn’t death a rebirth after all? Not the end, but rather the end of our lives as we know it, as we have accustomed to it. It is the end of one journey but the beginning of much interesting one, where we are no longer trying to find that unity between our multiple dimensions, the mind the body and the soul will only be one when we die. When we loose our perception of our existence like we know it, the branches will finally be one with their source in a state of absolute freedom, where neither physical pain nor effects of time or getting older can bring us down… Elevation is the only word we will be feeling, being in a fusion and blend with the source of our existence. Let us not mourn in despair when death comes upon us, but rather live our life in a sort of way that when death calls us to reap our souls, we would have planted our good seeds in the lives of those we influence and thus we would have paid our dues and lived to the fullest. One glow turns off only to be illuminated somewhere else…