Lina H Hanna

Lina H Hanna

Friday, February 25, 2011

What are we looking for?

Life is a gamble, we all wish to hit the cosmic jackpot and enjoy winning, we are always in quest of new ways and creative schemes to validate our existence and take it to a higher rank …

The mere plain presence is never enough, we revolt and refuse the idea to just subsist on the margins of reality, and thus we are roaming and wandering off to what is beyond our physical world, we are always summoned by the unseen, we want to interpret and translate our attendance on this earth.

At a certain point we start to question our beliefs, perceptions and our visions about life and death, about the definition of what is right and what is wrong but through it all we are always in quest of something that we lack, that missing piece to complete the puzzle of our lives, to decode the enigmas and invade the mysteries of the universe in an attempt to reveal the secrets and reign over the ambiguity and the distortion of our sight as well as insight.

Each one of us is seeking a different flavor , a singular mark that can add the meaning and the depth to the status quo , we usually search for what we lack, what we do not have is always the subject of attraction and desire to us, for those who are short on imagination they look for the dream, the magic , the fantasy in the womb of reality; as for those who not have love , they spend their lives chasing after it, and those who lack the flair of beauty are always on the run to find it wherever it may be found.

Those who do not possess material wealth are in pursuit of fortunes and riches that can give them the satisfaction they need. For those who are sick, they ask for health and well being. For the oppressed minds they fight for the freedom and liberty , for the anguish souls they wander off searching for healing powers may that be in artistic gateways, or inquiring the spiritual jewels of peace of mind and serenity.

We are all hunters in this world, always on alert, always inspecting and scanning the fields of our existence, investigating and exploring our territories and beyond them as well, we all want the good catch, whether we have to bulldoze, push, prod, manipulate or insist to get it.

Never stop your chase no matter how rough the road that you follow to get what you want might be, always go one step further to reach your destination, and if you get exhausted take the time to smell the rose and enjoy the views around you while you rest, but always get up again and get moving even if you have to smudge your face in the mud , because once you arrive to your own elixir of life you will be able to look up with your face towards the sky and feel the triumph of yourself against the stumble blocks on your path ….

Lina Hanna Hanna.

Monday, February 21, 2011

On the Edge of life’s abyss

Life is a journey of discovery, to be alive is an adventure , to witness the change and adapt to it is bravery as life unfolds in many different ways, sometimes taking us by surprise , other times challenging our logic and defying our plans , we think we control the events that takes place in the course of our being but when we least expect it right in the middle of our ordinary routine , an earthquake shudders the map we always follow to reach our destination and we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere , where every road is new and every boulevard is strange and nothing is what it used to be anymore.

What do we do when such transformation takes place? Will we freeze paralyzed by our own fear of the unknown and feel as if our existence is threatened? Or will we take a leap of faith and just jump over the edge knowing that it is rewarding to take risks and step into a new territory where we can harvest the fruits of the mystery and the chance of a new encounter that will educate our state of being and renovates our existence giving us what the mastery of our old land did not?

The universal flow is always pouring with the unexpected and it takes a lot of trust in who we are to let go and let flow in a sweet surrender even if we ignore the final end. The act of embracing uncertainty is worthwhile for it will uncover the veil to our hidden powers and submerge the champion‘s heart we all have underneath many layers of our subconscious.

For some of us leaving our comfort zones is the ultimate pain for we like the idea to be in control over the places we occupy the faces we see and the choices we make , but isn’t ambiguity at the very heart of life? Aren’t we all on a roller coaster by being alive no matter how tight or how loose we hold the bar? Who can guarantee tomorrow, who can promise us the future?

Why be content with your well defined bordered territory when you can gain personal growing riches that will enable you to own the world no matter where you live? Why resist the curves on your road rather than submitting to the ride by feeling the power of liberating yourself from your own fears and limitations?

Why not benefit from the spiritual teacher we all look for? It is there on the edge of that abyss, no breakthroughs ever were made by playing it safe and by the book… revolutionize your visions and your perceptions of life and you will be able to touch the immortality.

Jump across that maze, get lost in your emotional labyrinth so you can find your identity and attain new pinnacle in your human experience …

Celebrate your life, allow yourself to fly, be active in your own story, you are the participant not the observer, you hold the keys to all the secret doors in your soul, within you an enormous power that turn coal to diamond, that can break the shell and enjoy the pearls of an enlightened self that can soar above the clouds and see the unseen worlds … Step beyond your restrictions and the horizon will be one walk away and the world of possibilities will be all yours to roam , so get up hold your fears by the hand and boldly go to where you never thought you would be …

Lina Hanna Hanna

Thursday, February 17, 2011

فراغ الأماكن

تتشوٌه الرؤية يتلوٌث الهوا،ء تتلطٌخ الصور ويصبح الجمال قباحة عندما يغيب من يجعل الكون حديقة عشق والوجود معزوفة حنونة فتتحوٌل جميع الأماكن إلى صحراء فكل الأمكنة تصبح مكاناً واحداً وكل الأيام تصبح يوماً واحداً وكل الألوان تستحيل إلى اللون الرمادي وتصبح الأرض بالرغم من كثافة سكانها مساحةً مهجورة لا مؤشٌر حيوي لديها ...

هو موت الروح وانطفاء شعلة القلب, هي لوعة المشاعر من سكٌين الفراق التي تقطع الأوصال عن بعضها البعض , هو ضياع نفسٍ لايجاد نصفها الآخر

هو توق إلى الإحساس بالوجود هو جوع الحواس لما يوقظها من سباتها وتثاؤبها... هو بحث دائم عن الحلم والمعنى عن موطن الفؤاد ليغرز رايته على جغرافيته ...

هي رغبة بالأزلية والأبدية في عالمٍ زائل وزائف, هي الحاجة لمشاهدة الذات في عيون ذاتٍ أخرى لترى ألوانها تنعكس وتتلألأ في سماء الحب والشغف .

هي حاجة ملحٌة لتعرٌف النفس على ذاتها خارج نفسها بعيداً عن صورتها قريبةً من جوهرها وجواهرها ...

دائماً ما نتأرجح بين الشك واليقين إلى أن نجد ذاك الذي يؤكد ويوحد الإنشقاق في داخلنا . هي الحرب ضد العدم، ضد التغيير في المواسم والألحان الوجوديٌة .

اه من تلك النيران التي تتأجٌج في الصدر عند لحظة الإنفصال وما أصعب لحظات الإنتظار فهي ثقيلة واعية يتواطئ فيها الوقت ليتآمر علينا ويمتحن صبرنا فننتفض ونثور ولكن عبثاً ندور حول أنفسنا ونحاول قتل الساعات فنملؤها بما يزيد على فراغها فتكبر الفجوة بين ما نريد وما يمكن الحصول عليه ...

لينا حنا حنا

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rising storm inside of me

There is an anger that takes over my being, every cell in my body revolts against every assassinated dream, every murdered desire, every fading rainbow, every evaporated hope in the heat of the desert that was once a garden where nightingales sang and butterflies flew over the flowers of wishes under the ray of love’s warming sun…

But Halas, in a world full of deceit and cruelty, it is challenging to exist and live a life worthy of humanity, in a world where everything is sold and bought, where nothing is the same and everything is disposable, where there is nothing but interest and gain, the big loss is lurking behind the closed hearts of those who are tainting this world with their polluted actions, they are spreading their germs in the air and making our earth an unhealthy environment to inhabit.

When our rights become privileges, to hell with the system; when human dignity is slaughtered everyday then to tell with those who rule the world unable to rule over their impulses and complexes; when freedom is nothing but enslavement made legitimate with unfair laws that can be manipulated and twisted then to hell with this laws; when the human being is no longer the center of his universe but rather materialism is then to hell with this universe.

I am angry at those who can make things change for the better for they are in the position of altering and moderating the equation will not refute the status quo but rather make it worst. I am vexed till my bones because I want to make the world better but I can’t even survive my day , I am agitated at the misery and the tears and the broken hearts of the people everywhere and feel helpless to contribute in improving their conditions.

I am irritated and my blood is boiling in rage against myself and the whole world, where is the light in a world governed with darkness? Where is the peace when war is the only language everyone speaks?

Where is salvation when we are all doomed to wander and be lost in the hectic fast rhythm of life?

Where is the cure when there is but diseases and putrefied rotten decomposed values and principles?

It is hard to maintain a positive outlook in life when everything is subject to change? How do we remain the same when everything else is changing so fast? How can we stop and smell the rose when life is becoming a race that never ends towards who owns the most and earns the less?

I feel nothing but wrath against the demolition and annihilation of morals and ideals. Wrath takes its toll on my being, contempt is how I feel towards those who do not have any feelings, and those who know better and do worst, those vampires of emotions, who suck the blood of life and hope out of the living souls and feed from their despair, those who think that when they are, everyone else is not.

Down with anyone who kills and executes the energy and rob us the ability to see and enjoy the beauty in the world, down with those who feast from the sweat of those who are starving, down with the God of money that murders the significance and promotes the price tag…

The storm that hits my soul will never rest until we destroy the bazaar of existence and make the world blossoms with a promise of love and merit for what is sacred about being human. It is by love that we conquer the tyranny of brutality and monstrosity that we are exposed to everyday of our lives.

Love even if you had a thousand reasons to hate, hope even if you had a million reason to despair, for if you don’t then the ship will sink and the world will stay a hostile place to be in and remember all the darkness of the world cannot put out the light of one single candle, be that candle and fight with your light…

Lina Hanna Hanna.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Emotional Cords

The heart has its codes and its cravings, it is the kingdom of feelings and the realm of life and it is the mystery and the unknown that feeds its veins and run the blood through its layers. When fascination strikes our being, we get intrigued and helplessly try to know why we feel that attraction or admiration to that person of all the rest but it is in vain, it is the not knowing that makes us attached and connected to someone.

When someone touches the chords of your inner music and plays your tunes, you cannot but dance to the symphony and rejoice in its melody through the open channels of the soul that catches the same frequency in an ever changing station.

It is the gazing into each other’s soul; it is the purest and highest expression of an individual and is not bound by physical appearance or ephemeral emotions.

Many times we feel a certain bond with another being and we start running our fingers through the many luring cords of sensation in an attempt to feel their fabrics and try to define it.

That hidden thread that ties us to another heart is magical, it fills us up with satisfaction and joy of their presence, and we feel them through the distance they capture our ethereal entities and unite with its dust and they become occupied and no longer alone.

When we are linked to someone, we need not to speak a language with words, we need no messengers of our thoughts, desires and fears, the heart speaks directly to that other heart and they engage in long conversations that they only can utter.

When the dance of romance floats in the air of liberty and the sacred spaces that make two hearts go apart and come together again in a breathing kind of relationship , there is no way on earth rot or decay can take over, but rather wild life where they can run free together apart in celebration of love and life.

When those cords do not hold us hostage but rather join and unite us, they are heavenly cords that can detach us from all devilish suffocating togetherness that sucks freedom out of us and throw us in the prison of ownership that is futile since no one ever owns anyone even if they are as one.

Unconditional love is the greater love of all, know when to be there and when to leave, when to hold and when to fold, and never forget that the most precious gift you can offer to those you love is independence…Beware not to pull the cord too hard for you might cut it , just keep it loose and enjoy the bond...

Lina Hanna Hanna.

Monday, February 7, 2011

On that rainy night

Rain falls down to water the earth and quench its thirst and on that night she was showered by the heat of passion, there on his chest she was laying feeling the warmth of his skin and listening to the symphony of his heart beating to the rhythm of her heavy breathing …

Silence was sharp, emotions intense and overloaded with desire and hunger, the sound of the falling rain and the fury of thunder’s voice made her cling to him and hide her face between his arms, while he just laughed at her reaction and childish charming expressions when she would sigh in panic each time the lightening ball fell from the sky…

In those moments she felt secure and well protected and she thought that nothing can get to her so long as he is there, she enjoyed sheltering herself in his sweet embrace, she wished that time could freeze and that they live in that moment forever, in that moment he was her hero and she was the scared princess, and as the storm kept on hitting the sky, the tornado of their passion grew stronger and just bodies entwining together closer by the second until they became glued to each other;

and just as she was holding his shirt tight as if to tell him never to leave her , trying to never let him go , he pressed his lips against hers and suddenly she disappeared from herself and lost contact with everything and her mind was blank , she could only feel numb and sedated by the touch of his lips , so she kissed him with all her might , with every fiber of her longing , with the fervor of an insatiable appetite than can never be satisfied , the more they kissed the more she was hungry for him , she wanted to make up for all the lost time when he did not exist in her world, so she kissed and she kissed savagely yet softly until it was impossible to stop even when she wanted to stop…

A jubilation, an euphoria of a higher form of passion, of a complete harmony between two souls and two bodies who moved in synchronization who completed each other, the need for one another equaled the desire for one another, when the yearning reached its peak, a big bang of obsession of avid emotions boomed and exploded into a million form of passion comets and stars that transported them into another reality beyond their existence where there is nothing but pure ecstasy and soaring excitement of feeling that much wanted and that much given and taken over by a supreme passion….

That Night has gone like the yesterday always goes , without ever coming back but the memory lives on and will always pump its pulse every time it rains ....

Lina Hanna Hanna.

بحر الوجود : مدٌ وجزر

نعيش أو ننوجد ، نغضب، نضحك، نبكي ، نثور نستستلم ، نلعن ونبارك ، نسقط وننهض ، نتكلٌم ونصمت، نصرخ ونهمس، نحب ونكره ، وفي قلب هذا كله تكمن الحياة والتجربة البشرية فنحن كائنات الإزدواجيٌة ، نتألٌم بسب الشٌرخ الحاصل في كياننا ولكننا دائماً نكون الشيء ونقيضه، نحن في حالة بحث دائمة عن ما يسدٌ هذا الإنشقاق في أرواحنا ، نريد الوحدة في عالم التعدٌدية والأبعاد ولكن هل تبعدنا هذه الأبعاد عن ذواتنا أم تقرٌبنا مها أكثر؟ هل يلغي الجسد الروح ؟ أم أن العقل يعقل ويربط الإثنين معاً؟

أين الحلقات الضائعة في سلسلة الوجود؟ وهل الوجود محصور بما هو موجود ؟ هل المشاهدة تكفي لمعرفة الكون ؟ هناك عوالم عدٌة لا تخضع للمنطق ولا لحدود الزمان والمكان ، إنه عالمنا الداخلي، انها حالتنا النٌفسية والإنفعاليٌة ، إنها خرائط مساحتنا المحسوسة والمعاشة في ثنايا وطيٌات ذاتنا المتغيُرة أبدا حتى عندما يبقى العالم الخارجي على ما هو عليه، بالرغم من طقوسنا وعوائدنا الإجتماعية التي تجمع ما بيننا ، فتفاعلنا مع كل ما حولنا يختلف بين شخص وأخر ، إستعداد إنسان لأمر ما على تفاوت عند إنسان أخر ، إختبار الشمس والقمر ، الدفئ والصقيع ليس على حدٌ سواء بين جميع البشر ، ما أراه أنا في القمر الوحيد ليس بالضرورة ما تراه أنت فهل يتغيٌر القمر بإختلاف تجربته؟

تعريف الشيء وحيد واحد ولكن ما يصلني من إحتكاكي به ليس ما قد ينطبع في تأثيرك وتأثٌرك به . ولكن جميعنا رحٌل ومسافرين نجوب الأمكنة ونلتقي بغيرنا علٌنا نلتقي ونتعرٌف بأنفسنا .

نريد أن نكتشف ، نرغب بسبر أغوار المجهول ، لدينا شهيٌة لكلٌ ما هو غامض ، نحب الأحجية ونعشق فكٌها، لدينا تلك الرغبة في الوثب نحو ما هو أسمى ، نريد أجنحة نحلٌق بها فوق أسلاكنا الشائكة ، نبحر إلى ما وراء الأفق ، إلى ما وراء حقل نظرنا على أمل أن نجد هناك ما هو مفقود حيث نحن...

يلاحقنا ويحرٌكنا ألشعور بالنٌقص وعدم الإكتمال ، يدفعنا القلق الوجودي إلى التعالي والصعود حتى عندما نكون في الحضيض، نريد تسلٌق قمة جبل وجودنا ، لا نريد الزحف ، نهوى فكرة الطيران ، نقتبس مشاعر غيرنا أحياناً عسانا نشعر بما نرغب أن نحسٌ به من خلالهم ، نريد ما يجعل الدم في عروقنا يغلي ، فغالباً ما نفتقد لما يعطينا الرٌضا والإكتفاء الذاتي ، نحن نريد ونريد دون توقف ، ندفن أوجاعنا ونخدٌرها كل بحسب مخدٌره المفضل ، فمن الناس من يرقص ويراقص الشٌجن في فؤاده، ومن الناس من يثمل كي لا يعطش لماء الحياة ، ومن الناس من يعزف على أوتار الفرح في قيثارة وجوده ليخفض أصوات سنفونيٌة ملله وبؤسه. ومن الناس من يلجأ لأحضان امٌنا الطبيعة ليتٌصل بها علٌه ينفصل عن أمور الدنيا ، ومن الناس من يصادق أبانا الوقت ويستمتع به كي يقتل رغبته بقتله عجزاً منه عن تسييره بحسب ساعته الباطنيٌة.

محاولات وتحوٌلات، مؤامرات وإنقلابات، نحن مزيج من البناء والهدم ، السٌير والتوقٌف ، فالوجود مغامرة لا نعلم دائماً ماذا سيحصل بعد ،ولكن أمل المعرفة يبقينا في حالة تيقٌظ دائمة ، ومحبة الجمال أينما وجد تساعدنا على تحمٌل القباحة في الإنسان ...

الحياة هبة بحلوها ومرارتها ، بتعقيدها وبساطتها ، عانق وجودك ولا تخف ، أمسك المجذاف وأبحر نحو جزر نائية جديدة وستجد ثروات أكبر وأوسع من الحياة ...لا تراقب حياتك بل عشها وأغمر نفسك في أحضانها وخذ منها على قدر ما تعطيه لها...

لينا حنا حنا

عندما يخرس الٌلسان

هناك قول بأن الٌلغة اخترعت بسب حاجتنا الملحٌة للتذمٌر ، ولكننا نتكلم لشتٌى الأسباب ونصمت لأهمٌها أيضاً .. عندما تفوق قيمة سكوتنا قيمة كلامنا لا يجدي الكلام نفعاً فيصبح مجرٌد بقع ولطخات من العدم والفراغ ...عندما يعزف القلب على أوتار الحزن وخيبات الأمل يهيمن الصٌقيع والجليد على الٌلسان والفؤاد أيضاً ... ولكن الصٌمت لغة قائمة بحدٌ ذاتها لا يفهمها إلا من سبر أغوارها وتذوٌق حلوها ومرارتها ، لها أربابها وأسيادها ، وهي المعلٌم الأكبر لمن يريد أن يتتلمذ في مدرستها ...

عندما تطلق الكلمات كالرصاص القاتل تكون سلاحاً نجهره في وجه الآخر ، عندما نقول ما لا نعني أو نعني ما لا نقول تقع الكلمات وتتبعثر في الهواء وتكون مجرد أصوات لا ثقل ولا وقع لها إلٌا على من تتردٌد على مسامعه فيتمنٌى لو لم يسمعها ...

يربط الٌلسان عندما تلتفٌ عليه كلمات لم تخترعها الٌلغة بعد، كلمات لا تفي عدالة الٌلغة حقٌها ولا تخدم مصلحة المتكلٌم ، عندما يفيض القلب بمشاعر أسمى وأكبر من الحقل الكلاميٌ ، تتعطٌل آليٌة الكلام وتفلح آليٌة الجسد المنتشي بأحاسيسه المتخمٌر بعصارة شغفه وعشقه ...

عندما يأبى الكلام أن يقال ، تكون النفس في أوجٌ حوارها مع ذاتها وعلينا أن نكون في حالة إستقبال وإستعداد لننصت ونصغي إلى أصواتنا الداخلية، إلى تلك الهمسات الخافتة الصاخبة التي تقول ما لا نريد أن نسمع ، علينا أن نتواصل مع قنواتنا الداخلية لنعي العالم الخارجي بضجيجه ،فكل صوت هو رسالة مبطٌنة توصلنا إلى حالة التنوير ومعرفة الذوات التي تسكن في طيٌاتنا وثنايا أرواحنا.

اعلم أنك عندما تتكلٌم أو تصمت فأنت بكلتا الحالتين تعبٌر عن مكنونات وجدانك ووجودك، وليكن لسانك صديقاً وصادقاً لك ولسامعيه وكن على دراية بتأثيره على الأخرين ، فكن حارساً وحريصاً لأفكارك وكن على قدر من الإلتزام بكل ما تقول وأجعل كلامك نتيجة لأفعالك ومبادئك ، وليكن لسانك إمضاؤك ومصداقيتك في عالم يملأه الكذب والرياء ....لا تخف من الإنصات لصمتك ودرٌب نفسك على فهم صمت الأخرين وإستمع لما يقوله حتى عندما لا يقول شيئاً...

لينا حنا حنا


قد كنا يوماً معاً ولن نكون مجدداً ... قد كنت الأرض والسماء ، الموت والحياة ، الهدوء والصخب ، ولكنك الأن مجرد إنسان قد مرٌ على صحرائي يوماً من الأيام....ولكنك أصبحت هذه الصحراء وأصبح حضورك غياب ... تختفي لحظاتنا الحميمة شيئاً فشيئاً بين ضباب الأيام فتصبح نائية كلحنٍ بعيد وأتساءل هل فعلاً كنا حبيبين أم سرابين ؟

لم أتصوٌر أبدا أن أحيا بدون عينيك ولكني حيٌة أرزق، لم أخل أني سأبتسم من بعدك ولكني أضحك وأفرح بالرغم من أنك لم تعد حبيبي وليس لأنك من أحب ، كنت أعتقد أن قلبي سيصبح فسيفساء ولكنه أصبح شلال عشق ومهرجان الشغف بالعيش وألإستمرار ...

هل ظننت أني لن أعرف نفسي إن لم أرها فيك ومن خلالك؟ هل اعتقدت انني سأهيم تائهةً في الوجود إن لم تكن أنت موجود؟ لا يا من كنت حبيبي . نعم لقد عشقتك ولكنك لم تعرف حتى كيف تقرأني وتفكٌ شفرتي ، لذا أنا وجدت نفسي مرٌة أخرى بعد أن تركتك ترحل ، أنا الأن سعيدة لأني إكتشف عالماً بكامله من دونك وأنا أطير من الفرح والدهشة لأني لمست المرأة القويٌة التي كانت مخبٌأة خلف جبروتك .... لقد خلعت عنٌي رداء المرأة الإنهزامية والمسحوقة الكيان أمام هيمنة سحرك عليها ...

الحياة هي حبي الأول والأخير معك أو بدونك هي مستمرة ، أنا سأظل من أنا سواء كنت الحبيب أو الغريب ، ولا أحد في الدنيا يسلبني أو يصادر حقٌي في السعادة ، لا أحد يستطيع أن يخترق دفاعي ، لا أحد في الكون يطفئ بريق نجمتي ، لا ولن اسمح لأحد أن يمحي أفقي وقوس قزحي ، سأظل عاشقة للعشق إلى أن أغمض عيناي إلى الأبد ...إرحل إنت أما أنا فسأبقى هائمة في براري الجنون والحريٌة ...

لينا حنا حنا

عندما يموت الحب

هل فكرت يوماً لماذا يموت الحب؟ وهل وفاته طبيعية حتميٌة أم اننا نحن من نغتاله ونضع المسمار الأخير في نعشه ؟ عندما نقع في الحب نشعر لوهلةً اننا لن نفقده أبداً وبأن المحبوب أصبح من المسلٌمات وبأن البقاء معاً أمراً مضموناً لا ريب فيه...ولكن قلٌما ما ندرك بأننا أنفسنا أعداء هذا الحب وإن أسلحة دماره كثيرة ومتنوٌعة فالحب الحقيقي لا يموت تلقائياً بل نحن من نسفك دمه ونقطع شراينه فينزف حتى اخر رمق .

اعلم يا من يجهل نعمة الحب وعظمته أنك لا تملك سلطاناً على قلبٍ تغتاله في كل مرة يصاب صمٌامه بالإهمال والصٌدأ عندما تدوس برجلك على مساحته لكي تعبر إلى غرورك وعقدك الذكورية ، كن على درايةٍ أنك في كل مرة تفتح فمك لتقول الأكاذيب وتطلق رصاص الكلمات الجارحة تكون تضعف من روحه وتأخذ من عمره وأيامه.

عندما تبدأ بالإبتعاد روحياً عن من تعشق تكون بذلك تبني حائطاً بين شرفات قلبيكما ، فلا يبقى إلا الظٌلال والوحشة والصٌقيع حيث لا تصل أشعة شمس دفء حنانك إلى داخل ثنايا روح من تحب.

عندما يموت الحب جوعاً وعطشاً لغذائه ومائه من شحٌ بئره وإنعدام قوته من مائدة الإهتمام والدٌلال وأجمل الكلام ، عندما تصبح لحظات العشق تتثاءب وتختفي شيئاً فشيئاً وراء ضباب المادٌة والجهل ، الجهل النفسيٌ والمعنويٌ والفكريٌ للشريك الأخر يصبح هذا الأخير غريباً عن ذاتٍ تعيش في داخله ، فتنقطع الأوصال ويذهب التواصل مع الريح ، ريح البعد والجفاء وعمى البصيرة .

عندما لا يعرف الرجل كيف يدغدغ مشاعر المرأة فلا يشعرها بأنها أنثى ولا يشعرها بإغرائها يكون بذلك يخلق هوٌةً يستحيل العبور فوقها. عندما لا تعلم المرأة كيف تشعر الرجل برجوليته وتلطٌف خشونته بنعومتها وسحرها وحنان الكون الذي في داخلها تكون تسلب منه قدرته على حبها...

كلنا نستطيع أن نحب ولكن الأقلٌية تعي كيف تحافظ على هذا الحب لتنعشه دائماً وتجدٌد مصدره .

إجتهد في الإبقاء على حياة الحب فيك ،فعدد الطٌعنات في الفؤاد يضعف مناعته وقدرته على العيش ، عليك بصيانته وتحصينه ضد العوامل التي تضعفه وتساهم في موته ...

لينا حنا حنا

Question marks

To blossom is to become, to explore is to endure; to reach the milestone of the self is to be transformed into the question and develop into the answer to that difficulty.

We go through life wanting explanation and justification to every matter under our sun, we often feel a void within ourselves, a gap that throws us into anguish and lament and we start the series of our question marks out of despair or thrill or excitement to uncover the mystery behind the human complexity that we are made of and thus begins the rebellion movement against ourselves, our environment, our God and our loved ones and the most prominent question we all solicit in our depths is what do I want?or who am i ? Why I am never saturated? Was that the right decision? Why me? When will I ever be free from all the social chains and personal fears?

How can I make my world better? Why do I keep making the same mistake? Why can’t I trust anyone? What is wrong with people these days? What is happening to the world? Why is everything so disposable? Why is love dead and relationships alive? Why can’t I please everyone no matter how hard I try? Am I happy? Do I believe in myself or am I my worst enemy?

How can I manage all my undisclosed desires and the unsolved issues that burden my heart and color it black? Where is my peace of mind? Where is my garden of delights? Where is my water well and my gold mine? Which path is the right path for me?

What are we really looking for? Is it within us or does it lingers outside in the material world? What really matters to us? Is it the mere appearance or the substance itself? Are we only flesh and blood or does the spiritual realm elevates us from simple textile to a divine entity that inhabits us?

We have to get lost in order to be found again, it is okay to be confused since out of chaos breeds order and we learn by trial and error if we do not err we can never evolve and mold ourselves.

We all have to learn how to love those questions and always allow ourselves to hear them when they want to scream to us, we should never silence and kill the voice of inquiry in our minds, for only when we deal with those questions as answers in a form of question, we will awaken the foreign tongue that we speak originally but we suffocated to satisfy our pseudo truths that tells us what we want to hear instead of the real message that these words hold.

Live every question mark and consent to its rewarding pain, agree to the lesson behind that subject, face the uncertainty with courage, make friends with your dark side and listen to your inner voices no matter how awful the sound might be, for only when you are brave enough to stand in the face of your doubts , you will make them into realities and facts , only when you come face to face with your inner being you will be enlightened and no longer be anxious from all these questions that roam free in your interior spaces…

Be not afraid of your question marks for they will mark the person you are and outline the human being you will become… Feed your curiosity and keep the mystery alive!

Lina Hanna Hanna

The Forsaken land

A frosted heart, a frozen self who aches and longs for a warm ray of love, a heated emotion to melt away the ice of a lonely cut off being, is how we feel at times of isolation and solitude, when we yearn for a kiss that can reach the vacant passages of our souls, a hug to embrace the abandoned fragments of our center, a smile that can light up our inner world and leave us drunk and keen for what is behind it..

The feeling that we are alone in the midst of a crowd, to be disconnected from all that we are attached to, to hear voices as a blurry noise, to look at all faces and feel like they are all one single face, to look at many different images and yet they all appear alike, to lose the ability to discern colors and see life with a black and white vision, to watch ourselves from outside and craft a crack between our inner world and the outer planet we inhabit, is the same as being tourists in our own country , sensing homesickness in the focal point of our homes, to feel like we went into exile in the middle of society , that is what feeling lonely means to me.

Being alone and lonely are not the same sometimes we are surrounded with people and yet we feel incoherent, we are separated from our neighboring while we occupy its spaces, sometimes we have someone who is close in distance just far at heart, they look in our eyes and see nothing, no sparkle, no glow just an empty look, they fail to build a bridge to cross over our territories, they lack the capacity of touching our very core even if they are touching our bodies, they cannot ignite the fire beneath the ashes they made upon our sensitivity, we live in a state of constant hunger while the banquet is right in front of our eyes…

Sometimes even if we were alone physically we feel populated by the presence of a far away entity , by a person who is absent from our eyes yet present in the fiber of our being, and even if we were in the desert when we sense his attendance it turns into gardens and waterfalls of passion and delight…

We are emotional creatures, we feed from love and sympathy and the feeling of being wanted and desired and longed for; there is no greater pleasure underneath the sky that can compare to having someone to go home to, a warm bed and an affectionate heart that hears our inner song and sings it with us whether the tunes were happy ones or gloomy ones, nothing matches the awareness of a person that lives within our eyes and breathes through our lungs..

Always search for that one person that when in his arms you sense as if the whole world and every person you lack in your life is right there in the warmth of his sweet embrace, when you are there in that moment when you feel you have everything you could ever need when together then kiss the heaven‘s angels and make the hell’s devil jealous!

Lina Hanna Hanna.

Whoever wants to leave is already gone

Many people walk into our lives as the journey of life sways us from one path to another either by choice or by chance or even when we least want it or expect it, some of these persons just invade our hearts and are crowned kings on our emotional empire , some of them need time and attention to get us interested while there are some that never do no matter how hard they try , no matter how many seas they travel to reach our inner islands , they just are not contained within the hub of our significance.

All those who build bridges to our far away land earn their staying on its surface, but those who fail to sustain the sturdy ropes that can help them climb to our highest high peak lose their merit and the privilege of being a part of who we are or an element in our very nature, they just fade to black as if they never existed.

But the most awful kind of beings are those scavengers who lurk in the dark and observe waiting for a chance to attack the core of our feelings and feed from the bleeding we suffer due to their claws scratching and tearing the flesh of our hearts to bits and pieces and find a great pleasure while doing that…

Those hunters who are alive from eating decayed sensation and decomposed senses, are the real threat to our expressive well being, they are always in disguise wearing a great camouflage of people who care about you and want to be in your life until they find the perfect moment to jump on your heart and tear it out of your chest with a smile on their face, they inhale your soul out of your mouth and they stab you with their sharp words and crushing actions that cut you to parts each time they move.

They are the venom of existence and you are better off without them, so when they want to leave you do not make the mistake of trying to stop them, learn to love yourself more than any other self that tries to sabotage your safety and your self esteem, you do not need someone who wants to breath the air out of your lungs and steals away your freedom and value.

Just cut the cords and let them fly away from you and be thankful they decided to walk out on you for when they do all the magic in the world who enter , a new sun, a new moon, a new world of its own will appear more glowing than ever and more enticing to a life filled with people who matter and how know how to take pleasure in being in your life and who add a new dimension to your living experience and who always make you happy and vibrant with hope and love.

When they want to leave it means they already left so stand up and watch them fly away and wave goodbye to regret and hello to joy!

Lina Hanna Hanna.